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Thank you from the owner of 1931 180A Deluxe Phaeton

Mike, at Classtique, did an amazing job on my upholstery kit for my 1931 180A Deluxe Phaeton. Using original, surviving pattern pieces provided by me and other enthusiasts, Mike’s hard work and dedication to accuracy and workmanship shows on the quality of his upholstery kits. The carpet, custom made and dyed, is impressive. The door panels and convertible top trim are all period accurate as are the side curtains and the pleating for the leather seats. I  feel Mike’s kits are far superior and reasonably priced than any kits that have ever been on the market for Model A Fords. As a result, my Deluxe Phaeton scored 443 points in fine-point judging at the MAFCA 2022 National Meet in Texas.

Thank you, Classtique Upholstery! I’m very pleased.

~ Ken Davis

Deluxe Phaeton Tudors scored 443 points, and received the Award of Excellence at the Model A Ford Club of America National Meet this year. The owner of the car is Ken Davis. 

Interior, top, side curtains, & top boot made by Mike Francis of Classtique Upholstery.


Deluxe Phaeton Tudor receives the Award of Excellence

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Ford Model T Torpedo to receive the 2022 Antique Automobile Club of America Zenith award - the interior and the top made by Mike Francis of Classtique Upholstery

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Ford Award - 1903 - 1927
1911 Ford Torpedo
Mark Eyer, Battle Creek, Michigan

The body of the Model T for 1911 was restyled, along with a new radiator, fenders, and wheels. Steel panels over a wood framework was featured, as opposed to earlier all-wood construction. Ford couldn't build cars fast enough in 1911. It was a year during which cars were being built at the old Paquette Avenue plant, as well as the new-and-yet-unfinished Highland Park facility. Two new body styles were offered, the torpedo (with doors) and the open runabout (no doors). They were probably the raciest Model T Fords ever produced. The seats were moved rearward and lowered by moving gasoline tank to the rear deck. The hood was made longer by about two inches, and the bottom section of the windshield sloped back, all of which gave the car a longer and lower appearance.

Adding to the style were a lower body, longer and curved front and rear fenders, the shorter running boards, and the lower and longer steering column. Mechanical changes were also made for 1911, most prominent being a mid-year change to the engine. Replacing the earlier exposed valves were new valve chmbers cast into the block with steel doors, to enable adjustments when needed. The runabouts were known to have the best performance and greatest speed of all Model T Fords ever produced. Philip found his Torpedo roadster 30 years ago in Dayton, Ohio, and did almost all of his own restoration work.

Ford Model T Open Cars Interior Upholstery & Top Kits

Classtique Upholstery specializes in vintage cars upholstery restoration. We encourage you to stay with the originally specified color choices and fabrics.

Classtique Upholstery kits are made from a collection of original patterns taken from cars restored by us since 1960. Our kits have been sold internationally to many professional installers and they have also helped us perfect our patterns to ensure ease of installation. We use high quality materials and high standards to restore your vehicle to near original specifications. 100% satisfaction guarantee if your order is not received as specified. 

We offer interior and exterior options for Roadster, Roadster & Roadster Pickup and Touring: interior kits, top kits, top boots, tire covers, seat cushion cover, side curtains.

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